Our Partners

Austin Youth Film Festival

Creates opportunities for young, independent filmmakers and fostering a lifelong love of the media arts.

Project Engage (Judge Mueller’s Court)

Aims to reduce the number of revocations, convictions and jail sentences by providing teenage offenders the additional support and structure of regular judicial oversight within a probation term with maximum supervision, and an emphasis on school and/or work.


Community in Schools (CIS)

Provides academic, social and emotional support in both individual and group settings, helping students be more successful in school and in their life as a whole. 

Austin Branch NAACP

Ensures the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons, and to eliminate racial hatred and racial discrimination.

Our House

Offers a safe space for youth from diverse circumstances to engage in after school activities that develop youth leadership, civic and community service opportunities and promotes healthy relationships.

Millennium Youth Entertainment Center

Explores ways to reduce youth violence by providing wholesome entertainment alternatives at a center designed for Austin's young people.


Barrio Writers

Barrio Writers (BW) is a creative writing program founded by author Sarah Rafael García, which provides free college level writing workshops to teenagers in underserved communities. 

Austin Public

Its programs empower individuals and nonprofit organizations to create film and media projects that speak to the local community, facilitate community building, and diversify the media landscape. 

Audio Visual Production

Rebel Productions is the sequence of three classes in Audio and Video Production at Travis Early College High School. Students learn every aspect of production, such as writing, filming, directing, producing and editing.