Our Mission

Our youth’s authentic lens is underrepresented in the media. To understand their perspective and struggles, this platform and these tools will build the necessary skills they need to bring their vision to life.  

We are a team of diverse filmmakers who strive to pass along our shared knowledge, skills, and resources to the next generation of young creatives. We set out to accomplish this mission by providing lessons in practical video production to underrepresented youth.

We believe the education they’ll receive and the teamwork involved in video production can be a transformative experience. With reliable guidance, our at-risk youth can create media that represents their shared experiences while preparing them for future success.

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The Crew


Tyra Clark - @tyratclark
Producer & Program Director

Joel Watts - @bgx_man
Director & Editor

Justin Humphrey - @justinhcinema
DP & Editor

Claudia Sanchez - @claudias_world
Set Videographer & Colorist

Shannon Burrows - @yesweshan
Set Photographer & Assistant Editor